Corporate Memberhsip

Thank you for your interest in the Barnacle Babes Corporate Membership, we’d love to have you join us.

It is very important that we only include businesses that support our community and mission. This mission includes our commitment to the health and integrity of women, their sport, their families and ocean causes. If you are a business that would like to contribute to a community of women who are passionate about saving the world, then this is the perfect place for you!

Please fill out our application form first. Once the application is completed and sent, we will get back to you within a week with a decision.

Our membership community is just starting off and while we are finishing off the building of the site, we appreciate your early support. To show how much we appreciate your support, if you sign up with us during the months of October, November, and December we will honour this pricing for ONE FULL YEAR! 

The membership platform will be ready to go January 2, 2019.  

You probably would love to know what you’ll receive at the Corporate Level and why you’d want to join…well…let us tell you!!!

We are excited to bring to you the following:

  • Receive a Sugar Sheet™  printed copy of the quarterly, Barnacle Babes Community MAGAZINE, mailed directly to you.
  • A listing in our Business Database that will be accessible to all our members.
  • A “3.5 x 2” sized business card ad in our business directory section of the magazine.
  • Opportunity to become an Affiliate Partner.
  • A 30% discount on regular priced ads in our magazine.
  • 50% discount on tables during Barnacle Babe events such as our Warrior Women of the Sea Speaker Series or Conferences.
  • 1 Business Feature in our Magazine and our Newsletter
  • CONNECT  in our forum.
    • with like-minded women who care about the environment, their community and love to travel, play and protect.
  • Monthly Eco-Masterminding.
    • Join an Eco-Masterminding group to find out how you can get involved or come up with ideas in helping to make our oceans and waterways a healthier and safer place for us and her inhabitants.
  • Access our library of:
    • Warrior Women of the Sea – web series.
    • Matriarchal Wisdom Keepers – web series.
    • How-To videos such as – Lessening Your Footprint on the Planet and Make Your Own Cosmetics.
    • Articles
    • Member Shared Videos
    • Plus more to come…
  • Join our BOOK CLUB.
  • Access our EVENTS CALENDAR and find out what Barnacle Babes has going on as well as opportunities to upload YOUR event and market to our group.
  • Access a DATABASE of members, member organizations and ocean conscience businesses.
    • Looking to get involved with a charity, non-profit or like-purposed business, you’ll be able to find many here.
  • Have the opportunity to SUBMIT an article to Barnacle Babes Magazine for consideration.
  • Participate monthly in our LIVE Q&A’s with various Warrior Women of the Sea out there and making a difference.
  • Get a 10% DISCOUNT on Barnacle Babes store purchases.
  • Get 15% DISCOUNT on Barnacle Babes retreats and priority purchase before retreats are made public.
  • Opportunity to participate in Member ONLY FIELD TRIPS and CLEAN UPS.
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